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make tomorrow a better day


make tomorrow a better day


Does your life feel chaotic and overscheduled?

Do you feel like...

You have too much going on?

You aren't sleeping well?

You are over scheduled?

You are experiencing on-going stress?

Come to the farm to Escape & Restore with a session of herd meditation. You'll join our group for a connected  experience in self reflection, connection with our horses, and a moment to re-connect with your surrroundings.


Contact us today and start feeling better tomorrow

Book a complimentary call today and our team will guide you through an individual plan that addresses your concerns and goals.



Modern Life requires modern solutions for wellness.

E.S.C.A.P.E. was created to help you navigate life with a balance of where you’ve been and where you’re going. We use equine assisted therapy and activities to aid in personal and group work.

Our program is a compass, aligning your purpose and goals into actionable skills that will guide you through authentic decision making.


We use horses as a tool for learning because of their significant emotional intelligence, horses often understand what people forget…every interaction is a language, communicating intention and thought.


Believe in who you are.

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