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Feeling Better Starts Here

Browse our selection below, or call to speak with us and we will help you find the perfect place to start.


We work with individuals, families and groups through animal assisted therapy. We offer an opportunity to connect with nature while working through the goals and objectives that will help you start feeling better. We use horses as a tool for learning because of their significant emotional intelligence, horses often understand what people forget…every interaction is a language, communicating intention and thought.

Herd Meditation
A Group Experience designed to relax, connect and re-rcharge. Perfect for groups or individuals looking to join one!

1/2 Hour  |   $25

Parent & Child
Ideal for parents looking for a stronger connection and communication style with their children. Or just for fun a fun way to reconnect and enjoy.

1 Hour  |   $200

Couple Session
Ideal for couples that are looking for stronger connection, problem solving and improved communication

1 Hour  |   $200

Private Session
Develop healthy strategies for self-care, stress management and goal setting. These sessions are planned in alignment with your personal objectives.

1 Hour  |   $200

Waterfall in nature
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